Welcome to the brand new Rise Inspire account !!!! Visit us at www.riseinspire.com use our tags! #teamriseinspire #riseinspiremagazine and find us at @riseinspiremagazine

Welcome to the brand new Rise Inspire account !!!! Visit us at www.riseinspire.com use our tags! #teamriseinspire #riseinspiremagazine and find us at @riseinspiremagazine

A new chapter begins now. #timetorise #riseinspire #riseinspiremagazine #allnew #styled #fashion #adcampaign #newfor2014 #newprojects #website #promotions

A new chapter begins now. #timetorise #riseinspire #riseinspiremagazine #allnew #styled #fashion #adcampaign #newfor2014 #newprojects #website #promotions

Phil Hovey: Day 1 w/Freedom Innovations Plie 2.0 from Phil Hovey on Vimeo.

A short demo reel documenting my first hour on a Plie and Renegade system

music: “Karpuzkafa 777” by Hayvanlar Alemi (hayvanlaralemi.org)

Milford Photo KIOSKS from Phil Hovey on Vimeo.

Print with Milford Photo


If you recently got married I’m sure you have your gown sitting in your closet. It’s sitting there starting to collect dust and maybe your daughter might wear it for her wedding day. If you were recently a bride’s maid and bought the exact shade of chartreuse yellowish-green gown that your friend…


It is late at night here in the North Eastern USA

And yet, I am awake because the need to write has struck. I’ve been away from FIND YOUR LIGHT. It all changes now.

"TIME TO RISE" is a phrase that holds a deep personal meaning to me.

It is a quote from brandanschieppati as heard in Bleeding Through’s song “Rise”. (Thank you for helping give me the will to fight for my life)

It has in every way, stuck with me since I first heard this song in 2002.

Let me tell you why.

My last name is HOVEY, it is an English name. The family crest contains a saying, “By This I Rise”. I have always made every effort in my life to rise above the challenges, stresses and traumas of life. I have always aimed to rise above the obstacles I’ve faced…in pursuit to become the best version of myself I could ever achieve.

"Time To Rise"…is a phrase I live by….is a phrase I use often.

Those simple words inspire me to truly challenge what I fear and over come what I don’t understand.

Here’s some proof..I was faced with a horrific injury in late 2013. I found a way to defeat the injury. I remember wishing I could just rise above the pain, the fatigue and distress.


I took my health and fitness back into my hands as a result.

…….I am a photographer…… I never feel my dreams are unrealistic.

Whenever I accept a new challenge, project or assignment I aim to rise above what is expected of me….and deliver something iconic.

So….thank you to all of you who have joined me in my initiative to rise above. I salute you.

And to those new to my corner of the web….I accept you all with open arms.

This is Mr Phil signing off.

Here is an image created by myself and rebeccamontreal from tonight’s mega session


Ahoy all you good rats out there……Happy New Year everyone!

So, I had no idea what was the best way to keep you all updated. 

Perhaps this note would fit the need at hand.

Let’s get right into the good stuff…..

As you know, Photo Of The Day concluded with success!

I went 365/365 days posting a photo or composite.

The experience of doing a 365 was unreal. I learned so much about myself, about you all and about photography. Some of my new favorite images of all time were created during the year. Thank you to everyone who participated in, viewed, enjoyed and supported my efforts. I couldn’t have done it without you all. 

2013 had so many amazing moments here at Phil Hovey Photo. I met and got to know an incredible crew of people….I was honored enough to photograph some pretty epic sessions. And I learned more about what helps you all enjoy my work.

But…2013 is over and I have been asked the following questions more than a few times each, in the short time that 2014 has been alive:

"What’s next?"

First…let me take care of the business side of things.

With the passing of Photo Of The Day, shoots are always being offered but I am asking for small donations to help cover rent of the studio room we use. I was happy to cover shoot time during 2013 as long as the shoot was allowed to be part of Photo Of The Day…but for 2014, I do need to ask that some cash is thrown in for the shoot time. Ask me 1 on 1 for more details there. I don’t want to scare anyone away from booking time, so please don’t hesitate to ask about rates!!!!

"Any new projects?"

Of course. I’ve taken time away from my blog, FIND YOUR LIGHT, but I aim to return.

What topics do you want to see covered?

- modeling

- posing

- beauty

- planning

- shooting

Let me know what you’d like to see covered in write ups, articles, videos..and I’ll make it happen! 

"How do I apply to be a model with you and your team?" 

Simple….just send a message or add me on Facebook…give a brief write up of what modeling and shooting you’d like to do. We’ll go from there. I want to get you involved!!

"What can we expect in 2014?"

Easily, the most epic photos have yet to be taken here with us. I say “us”, simply because I am a modeled/people shooter. My creations all hinge upon the open minded, determined and die-hard personalities that I am fortunate to have been called upon to shoot with. So, with that….. I invite all of you to come with me on this most epic journey for 2014 !!!!


this is Mr Phil signing off

Ahoy, Mr Phil here…..author of Find Your LightI shall return soon.

It’s been pretty busy lately. But I’ll be back with plenty more to say !!!!!!